Asteroid belt

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Asteroid belt
Asteroid Belt.jpg
LocationSol System
Inhabited byWeasels, robots, rock monsters and cacti
First appearanceFuturama (video game)

The asteroid belt is a field of asteroids in the Sol System featured in the Futurama video game. The environment of the asteroid visited is similar to a desert and is inhabited by Weasels, cactus-like plants and rock monsters. A number of mining robots are also on the asteroid. It is the location of the junkyard Sal and Son's which is owned by Sal.

When Mom took control of the Earth, she visited Sal and Son's to find an engine powerful enough to move the planet. Sal informed her that only Professor Farnsworth would know how to build one, so he created a tractor beam to pull the Planet Express ship towards the asteroid. Bender escaped the ship and worked his way through the asteroid with Walt, Larry and Igner attempting to kill him. Bender finally located the tractor beam, disabled it and escaped with the rest of the Planet Express crew.[console game]

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