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"Bender is great!" is one of Bender's catchphrases, though not as often used as "Bite my shiny metal ass". He often says it to emphasize his ego, and though hardly anyone shares that opinion, Fry once used it against him in an argument where Bender kept answering "No" to various things.

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    Bender: [singing] Froggy went a-courtin' an' he did ride, uh-huh, uh-huh. / Well, Froggy went a-courtin' an' he did ride, / Blablablablablablasumthin' Bender is great! / Froggy went a courtin' an' Bender is great, uh-huh!

    Bender: Lemme do just one last thing to cheer myself up. [He puts a refrigerator magnet on himself and sings against his will.] Fry cracked corn and I don't care / Leela cracked corn, I still don't care / Bender cracked corn and he is great / Take that you stupid corn!

    Amy: Aw, don't blame yourself, Bender.
    Bender: I'm not blamin' myself. I'm blamin' you!
    Amy: What, us?! How could you possibly blame us?
    Bender: It ain't easy. It just proves how great I am.

    Bender: And that's how I saved New New York and am the greatest!

    Bender: Zzzzzzzzzzzz...Wha? Did someone say I'm great?!

    Bender: I failed at my life-long dream again. How can I be so bad at everything I try, and still be so great?


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