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Central Bureaucracy 3010.jpg
The Central Bureaucracy Building as seen in 3010. [6ACV06]
LocationCentral Bureaucracy
LeaderNumber 1.0
First appearance"The Series Has Landed" (1ACV02)

Bureaucrats in the 31st century are usually members of the Central Bureaucracy handling financial, legal, and other business matters in New New York, or Product Inspectors at Mom's Friendly Robot Company working in Tijuana, although this is less common.

These people are often discriminated by others, and have been described as "faceless bean counters, who blend into the woodwork". There is a numerous list of bureaucrats, and Hermes Conrad (Bureaucrat Grade 36) is the most wellknown of them.

They use a numerical ranking system, where lower numbers outrank higher ones, and a special ranking for one-hour bureaucrats, such as Turanga Leela, the Li'l Bureaucrat grade. They seem to respond to Number 1.0, who is probably their leader.


They communicate by pneumatic tubes, possibly ramifications of the Tube Transport System, which run not only throughout the Central Bureaucracy Building, but have terminals at their assigned businesses, such as the Planet Express headquarters. At the center of the building is the Central Filing, where most incoming messages are deposited for later sorting. Employees at the Central Bureaucracy Building use a Slowmobile as a means of transport and Cubicle Rooms as offices.

Bureaucrat Song

There is also a Bureaucrat Song, assumably written by Hermes Conrad and performed by himself alongside several other bureacrats and co-workers.

List of Bureaucrats

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  • Bureau is the French word for office or desk. However, many bureaucrats are seen working on the field.
  • The portrayal of bureaucracy in Futurama is among the most popular.


    Number 1.0: Don't quote me regulations. I co-chaired the committee that reviewed the recommendation to revise the color of the book that regulations are in. We kept it gray.

    Hermes Conrad: That's a calculator. I ate it to gain its power.


Although bureaucrats first appeared in the second episode of the first season, this list only deals with sightings (both cameos and significant roles) of bureaucrats other than Hermes Conrad (a recurring character in Futurama), and episodes where we find out more about bureaucracy in general. For Hermes' appearances, see this.