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Career chip
Career Chip.png
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

Career chips are microchips implanted into people's palms which assign them a permanent line of work. People are given the chip for the job they are best at. According to Leela in "Space Pilot 3000," the career chip is mandated by the law, and anyone who rejects it will be "fired out of a cannon into the sun". In the same episode, Smitty states that people who remove their career chips are labeled as "job deserters." Despite these two characters' warnings, though, there have been numerous instances in which career chips have been removed without any such legal consequences. Two possible in-universe explanations are that the laws surrounding it were amended shortly after Fry was cryogenically unfrozen or, more likely, that these same laws are just never enforced.

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