Cereal girl

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Tertiary character
"Cereal Girl"
Cereal Girl eating Purpleberry Puffs.png
Cereal Girl eating Purpleberry Puffs
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Saturday Morning Fun Pit" (7ACV19)
Voiced byUnknown

Cereal Girl is a minor character appearing only in episode "Saturday Morning Fun Pit" (7ACV19)


as part of a Purpleberry Puffs cereal commercial. During the commercial she is shown to become obese after eating Purpleberry Puffs. In the second commercial she says "I don't know which I like more: original or type two", referring to the high risk of diabetes associated with the sugary cereal.


    Cereal Girl: Mom, why is there orange in my Purpleberry puffs?
    Cereal Girl's Mom: As an active Mother I care about these things. I'll check the box while you start eating?
    Princess Purpleberry: Now my Sugar-Blasted purpleberries have Loquat-Flavored orange berries.
    Cereal Girl: Two colors, Wow!

    (Scene flashes and she gains weight)

    Cereal Girl: (burping) Bort.
    Zoidberg: It's a small part of this girl's breakfast.

    (The bubble he's in pops)

    Zoidberg: Whoa!

    (Cereal Girl and her mother laugh)

    Cereal Girl's Mom: You can really see the sugar!
    Cereal Girl: I don't know what I like more: original or Type Two.


"Saturday Morning Fun Pit" (7ACV19)