Connor O'Bocop

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Tertiary character
Deleted scene character
Deceased character
Connor O'Bocop
Deleted scene 6ACV16 - 1.png
Connor O'Bocop at a 3011 Police Academy graduation ceremony (6ACV16). Disputed canon
ProfessionPeace officer at New New York Police Department (retired)
First appearance"Law and Oracle" (6ACV16)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Connor O'Bocop was a retired cyborg peace officer. At a 3011 Police Academy graduation ceremony, he made a speech which was cut short when his programming failed (6ACV16). Disputed canon

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    Connor O'Bocop: Police academy teaches you many things. But when the streets are flowing with spit and blood, only one thing can save your life, and that's—syntax error in line 10.
    [He powers down. The audience claps, while he is wheeled away by some officers.]
    Chief O'Mannahan: Give the face to his widow and toss the rest.