Dick Francisco

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Dick Francisco
First appearance"A Farewell to Arms" (7ACV02)

Dick Francisco was a city on Mars built by the Earthicans in an attempt to escape Earth believing the world would end in 3012, as seen in (7ACV02)

It was unveiled by the Great Reveal-o, however, upon the Singing Wind, revealed that the 3012 prophecy was a warning to tell people not to go to Mars, as Mars would be hit by the solar storm and not Earth.

As the final solar flare hit Mars, chaos occurred, gas pockets ignited, and blasted Mars out of its orbit, heading on a near-collision course with Earth.

Upon the course, the planet passed very close to Earth, and one of its features, the Rock of Gibraltar (called the kajigger of Gibraltar by Hattie McDoogal), destroyed Dick Francisco.

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