Dr. FlimFlam's miracle cream

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Dr. FlimFlam's miracle cream
InventorDr. FlimFlam
Owner(s)Dr. Zoidberg
First appearance"Less than Hero" (4ACV04)

Dr. FlimFlam's miracle cream was obtained by Dr. Zoidberg on an interstellar trip from a sleazy travelling salesman who sold him one tube of the mysterious substance for no less than sixty dollars. The lobster doctor gave it to Fry and Leela as a cure for their sore limbs after assembling a super collider, and both of them found out that the substance caused superpowers in humans as a side-effect. Common powers found in humans after the use of the cream are:

  • Super strength
  • Lickity speed
  • Invulnerability
  • Ability to command the loyalty of sea creatures
The back of the tube with the side-effect warning

Apart from the last item (Zoidberg doesn't react to their calls), both Fry and Leela enjoy these superpowers for a limited amount of time, after which they need to reapply the cream to keep them. Together with Bender they form a team of superheroes, the New Justice Team, and do heroic things all across New New York. After they run out of cream though, the superhero team soon falls apart.

Additional Info


  • The AL1 text on the package reads:
    "Keep out of reach of children under the age of five hundred. For best results, sacrifice a small mammal xanroc, then apply evenly to interior of eyeball. Would you like to sell Dr. FlimFlam products? Contact a representative at a covered wagon near you."
  • A very well detailed tube of Dr. FlimFlam's miracle cream appears as an accessory to Toynami's Captain Yesterday figure. However he can not hold it due to his hand sculpt.
  • The miracle cream might be a reference to Mirakuru in the Green Arrow comics. It allows the same characteristics with the exception of loyalty of sea creatures.