Earthican $300 bill

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Earthican $300 bill
$300 bill.jpg
Creator(s)Richard Nixon's head
Owner(s)Every tax-paying citizen of Earth
First appearance"Three Hundred Big Boys" (4ACV16)
Voiced byBilly West

The Earthican $300 bill is a "Tricky Dick Fun Bill" delivered to every tax-paying citizen of Earth to refund the surplus to the taxpayers, due to the defeat of Tarantulon 6. It can be used many times; when part of it is spent, the number on it goes down to the remaining value. Like all banknotes, the image on it, in this case Richard Nixon's head, is capable of interacting with people.

In a deleted scene it is revealed that using this bill automatically makes the user vote for Nixon in the next election.

How each character spent their $300 bill

During the episode many people can be seen spending their money on different things:

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