Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits

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Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits
Well Dressed Grumpy Snail.jpg
As advertised by the Grumpy Snail on television (4ACV18).
TypeMusic album
First appearance"The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" (4ACV18)

Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits is a collection of Fry's music as performed on the Holophonor. It was composed while he still had the Robot Devil's hands and his musical career was on the rise. It is advertised as containing 900 songs on a two-record set, totaling over 30 minutes of material and costing $14.99. Dr. Zoidberg was so excited by the offer, and his self-perception as a "crafty consumer", that he bought eight albums (4ACV18).

Additional Info


  • The television advertisement for the album is very similar to the ones for musical collections sold by Time–Life, which were prominent in the United States during the late 20th century.
  • Thirty minutes of music, or one half-hour, equals exactly 1800 seconds and, at 900 songs, this means that the average song length is only two seconds.


    The Grumpy Snail: [On TV.] Yes. Now you can hear Holophonor virtuoso Philip Fry play 900 of these classic themes in your own home on this two-record set. That's over 30 minutes of music for only $14.99.
    Dr. Zoidberg: [He picks up the phone and dials.] Only $14.99 for a two-record set. Two records! Oh, Zoidberg, at last you're becoming a crafty consumer!
    Man on phone: Hello?
    Dr. Zoidberg: Hello? I'll take eight!