Futurama: The Collected Epics

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Futurama: The Collected Epics
The Collected Epics.png
For seasonSeason 5
No. of discs4
Region 1TBA
Region 219 October 2009[1]
Region 44 November 2009[2]
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Futurama: The Collected Epics (also known as Futurama: The Specials) is the DVD boxset collection for Season 5's films.


Disc One

Disc Two

Disc Three

  • Bender's Game
    • Commentary by Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, Billy West, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille, Michael Rowe, Claudia Katz and Dwayne Carey-Hill.
  • Storyboard Animatic: Bender's Game, Part One
  • Futurama Genetics Lab - Cross-breed Your Favorite Characters!
  • Dungeons & Dragons & Futurama feaurette
  • How To Draw "Futurama" In 83 Easy Steps Featurette
  • 3D Models Featurette With Animator Discussion
  • Deleted Scene: "Cup or Nozzle?"
  • Blooperama 2: Outakes From Bender's Game
  • Bender's Anti-Piracy Warning
  • A Sneak Peek at the Next "Futurama" Epic, Into the Wild Green Yonder
  • Two hidden extras:
    • Billy West's attempt at a single line - '...really wedgie it on in there'
    • David X. Cohen's Dodecahedron Collection

Disc Four

  • Into the Wild Green Yonder
    • Audio Commentary by Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche, Michael Rowe, Lee Supercinski, Patric M. Verrone and Peter Avanzino
  • Storyboard Animatic: Into the Wild Green Yonder, Part 1
  • Featurette: Matt Groening and David X. Cohen in Space!
  • Docudramarama: "How We Make Futurama So Good"
  • "Louder! Louder!": The Acting Technique of Penn Jillette
  • Golden Stinkers: A Treasury of Deleted Scenes
  • How To Draw Futurama In 10 Very Difficult Steps
  • 3D Models with Animator Discussion
  • Bender's Movie Theater Etiquette
  • Zapp Brannigan's Guide to Making Love at a Woman
  • An unnamed easter egg of an animation on toilet paper of Bender drinking a pint of beer, repeated many times
  • An unnamed easter egg that shows what Zapp Braniggan was saying in his speech during the scene where Fry is trying to discover the dark one.

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