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This is a list of frequently asked questions for this wiki in general, and not for the show. This page is protected so only sysops can edit it. To propose questions, use the talk page.

Technically, few of these questions have been asked before, so they are hardly frequently asked questions, but everyone cheats when they make FAQ's! Haha!


Currently no listing order.

What can I expect to find on this wiki?Link to question
As much as content as possible about Futurama. Its episodes, comics, films, characters, locations and a lot of other things. All content somehow related to Futurama is welcome here. We do not have a notability requirement like Wikipedia.
Are there any relations between this wiki and any of the companies involved with Futurama?Link to question
No. We are entirely independent. Our work is supplied by fans of the show itself rather than its makers.
Does that pose a legal issue?Link to question
All the content of the show is protected by copyright laws. But the use of stills, scans, etc. from the episodes, films and/or comics are protected under the Fair Use laws in the United States where the server is currently located.
Do you cite your sources?Link to question
As a general rule, no. We consider that everyone has seen the episode or film or read the comic, or at least those who write the content. We only regard sources as necessary for unreleased material, such as the upcoming films.
What if I add something bogus to an article then?Link to question
In such a case, every article has a talk page for discussing it, but if an user knows it's wrong, it will probably be removed and regarded as spam/vandalism, though depending on its content, banning/block may not always be put in force.
Should I write articles in US English or UK English or any other English?Link to question
We consider any English as good enough. However, we discourage you to change the spellings of another English for the sake of doing so, if they are spelt correctly in any English, leave them. However, when it comes to names, US English are preferred as the show is American. E.g. Mom is spelt with an 'o' rather than an 'u' in UK English. Or the title caption for 1ACV01 is in color rather than in colour.
How do you feel about me redistributing your content?Link to question
According to our Creative Commons license, you are allowed to redistribute our content under the conditions that you state where you got it from and that your work is entirely non-commercial, like ours.
Why do you call yourself the Futurama wiki? Aren't there others?Link to question
Woah, mister, slow down, one question at a time. Though, those two questions come quite in handy together. Let me start by answering your second question; yes, there are others. Most notably is Wikipedia. The other dedicated to Futurama are not as good as ours, and that goes without bragging. At the Infosphere you are guaranteed to have the most top quality Futurama information, because our main contributors have absolutely no life. And that is how we can deliver. I mean, what other Futurama related site have an article about the Conspiracy Nutter or a list of deleted scenes? No one, that's who. And that is why we call ourselves the Futurama Wiki.
Why should I consider your wiki over those you mentioned?Link to question
First of all, like we previously stated, Wikipedia has a notability policy. Which means; not too much content, please. Which is when Wikipedia admins suggest people to make their own wiki on the subject. A wiki such as this. As for the Wikia Futurama wiki, it is no where as good as this one. Most of their articles are simply copied from Wikipedia anyway.
Can you give me a link to this Wikia wiki?Link to question
Hm, what if I were a member at two wikis - including this one?Link to question
If you were a member at another Futurama wiki (Wikipedia doesn't count, everybody has an account there), and we took you in redistributing our content in a violation of our license, it would result in a ban on your behalf. We would also take any means necessary to make the content you've copied to follow the license, be that by removing it or quoting ourselves.
I have found an article that looks different from the others, is this right?Link to question
Recently, we have changed our standards on this wiki, which means a lot of "old" articles are still left astray with the old standards. If you see one of these, we recommend you check out the infobox listing and apply the infobox that works. We also suggest you to study other articles of the same kind before doing so. Should you feel unable to do so for any reason, you can add one of the following templates:
  • {{stub}}
  • {{QualityControl}}
  • {{expansion}}
  • {{TBD}}