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MediaWiki Extension
Infosphere Modifications
Latest version1.3 (2010-04-06)
DownloadNot available

The Infosphere Modifications MediaWiki extension is a special designed extension for the additional requirements of modifications of the Infosphere to avoid modifying actual MediaWiki code.


Affiliates bar[edit]

Added per version 1.0. The "affiliates" list on the Sidebar. It uses the message, MediaWiki:Affiliatesbar to construct a list of titles, links and images to associate with the affiliate in question.

Per version 1.2, the workings changed to allow for a more sophisticated listing (as shown on the right) as well as configuring the bottom symbols (see Table:Affiliates icons for more information.


Added per version 1.3, this adds the Quantcast analytics tag to the bottom. It is similar to Extension:GoogleAnalytics.

Natural language list parser function[edit]

Added per version 1.1 and removed per version 1.1.1, moved to its own extension, see Extension:NaturalLanguageList on MediaWiki's own wiki.