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Bender pen.png This is an information guidance article.
It is considered helpful for users of the wiki.

Through out The Infosphere (this wiki), you will find several pages which includes navigation. These systems are there to guide you. Some types of articles include more navigation than others.

Articles with navigation

  • Episode articles.
    • All episode articles have navigation, in fact, these articles have the most navigation. They have the standard "top" and "bottom" navigation bars. These link to the previous or next episode (commonly in production order, but also in broadcast order, in case there is a difference).
    • Above that there is a list of all the episodes within that specific production season in the infobox. Below is this list are links to the previous and next production season (if they exist).
    • Each episode also have a link to the Episode Listing to the specific season, in case it also have a different broadcast season, there will be a link to that season from the broadcast order listing.
  • Film articles.
    • Quite similar to the episode articles, they also include links to the "subepisodes" the films are "derived" into. They only include a list of the films in the infobox and not the entire production season 5.
  • Commentary and transcript articles.
    • These include the similar top and bottom navigation bars as the episode articles. But no more than that.
  • Comic articles.
    • These only have the top and bottom navigation bars, which are include in the US publish order. The UK publish order is not all that different, but several issues were cut up into two parts for the UK releases.