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This article in a nutshell:
If something is within an official released/distributed piece of Futurama, it is welcome here.

Despite The Infosphere's general rule, that as long as the content has anything to do with Futurama, it can have an article, there are certain exceptions and things to consider. These can be considered niche issues, but issues nonetheless.

What isn't notable

While there are of course certain tweaks and discussions related to every matter, there are certain things that can easily be dismissed.

  1. Fanart/Fan fiction or fan art/fiction heavy articles.
  2. Disputed content, e.g. information where even its existence may be of a disputed nature.

When to be an article and when not to

So in general, the rule is; it can be an article of its own. But there are certain exceptions to this rule.

Article provides little to no information
It would better serve as a redirect instead. But retain the redirect, as some editor may find more content to the subject later on.
Specific merchandise editions
With the exception of DVD releases, merchandise should be contained into a summary article, e.g. we don't need an article on Series 9 of the Toynami figures, let alone one of the figures itself.
  • Possible exception to this rule; If a specific merchandise product have received a lot of press and/or talk by the people behind the show.

Specific cases



The Infosphere includes some articles about Futurama-websites, including itself, but there is a certain limit here on what is allowed.

In order for a website to have an article on the Infosphere, it should follow the following guidelines:

  1. The website's main focus or one of its primary focuses must be Futurama.
  2. The website should still remain active, if not, then it should carry some significance in Futurama fandom history.
  3. The website must be frequently visited by decent amount of visitors (e.g. 1000+ visitors a day), if not, then it must carry some significance in Futurama fandom.