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It is possible to apply for a version of the Infosphere in another language than English.

Why would one create a non-English version of a wiki focusing on Futurama?

Futurama is a limited scope for a wiki, it is not general knowledge as Wikipedia attempts to be. Would it not be likely that most fans of Futurama would find this English version necessary?

It is true that Futurama is indeed a limited scope of interest, which also means you have to consider deeply if there is a general need for a wiki in your language. However, for some languages, such as French or German, where Futurama has a dubbed version, it also means that these versions have their own local audience, and it may make sense to make a wiki with articles from one of that view's perspectives, e.g. articles about the local voice actors, etc.

In other communities, Futurama may not have a dubbed version, but have a broad audience in a local language, despite the only thing they get is subtitles.

What are the requirements for getting such a wiki set up?

You should apply via the talk page of this page for a localised version of the Infosphere. Remember, we will consider your requests, and if your arguments are compelling enough, we may comply.

For us to approve of a suggestion, you should be able to stabilise a decent early version of your local wiki, being able to provide with decent contributions and be familiar with the MediaWiki software as well contribute in it. In addition to that, there should be a general interest for a Futurama related wiki in your language.

Current Infopsheres

Note: Currently only the Infosphere in English is open for editing.
Language Local name
English The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki
French L'Infosphère, le wiki de Futurama
Chinese 信息球,飞出个未来维基