Korean girls

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Tertiary character
Korean girls
SpeciesLikely human
Planet of originEarth, Asia, Korea
First appearance"Overclockwise" (6ACV25)

The Korean girls are players of World of World War II 3. In 3011, Mom mentioned them during a conversation with Walt and Cubert mentioned them during a conversation with Bender. [6ACV25]

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  • The fact that the girls are Korean may be a nod to Rough Draft, Korea. It may also refer to the relative skill of Koreans in video games.


    Walt: We were playing video games and the other kids didn't play fair!
    Mom: What?! Nobody rips off my kids but me! We can find out who they are through their motion-capture camera. It better not be those little Korean girls again.

    Bender: Did you see me?! History came alive an' I killed it!
    Cubert: If I overclock you some more, maybe we can beat those Korean girls!