Mrs. Tucker

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Tertiary character
Mrs. Tucker
Lando Tucker 3.png
Mrs. Tucker with her husband and son in the Planet Express hangar in 2961 (6ACV15).
RelativesSee Family section
First appearance"Möbius Dick" (6ACV15)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Mrs. Tucker is the wife of Lando Tucker, the captain of the first Planet Express crew in 2961.


In 2961, Mrs. Tucker said farewell to her husband, who was departing for a delivery as a part of his job at Planet Express. However, during this delivery, her husband was digested by Möbius Dick, a four-dimensional space whale, along with the rest of the first crew. As a result of this, they would never see each other again for 50 years.

However, in 3011, Mrs. Tucker was reunited with her husband after Turanga Leela freed him from Möbius Dick's body, along with all other individuals it had swallowed.



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