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Tertiary character
Napoleon's head
Napoleon's head.png
Napoleon's head (bottom shelf) on the Head Museum's "Frenchman Cupboard", in 3007. [BBS] To his left is a jar labelled "GREY POUPOU / CHUNKY DIJON". Above him are the heads of Jacques Cousteau and Charles de Gaulle. Also present is Fry.
Date of birth15 August 1769
Date of death5 May 1821
Planet of originEarth, Europe, France, Corsica, Ajaccio
ProfessionFormer president of Italy;
Former emperor of France;
Former king of Italy
First appearanceBender's Big Score
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Napoleon (full name Napoleon Bonaparte) is a French former military and political leader of Italian descent who, in the 19th century, was emperor of France and king of Italy. He was also president of Italy. By 3007, he had been turned into a head in a jar and taken to the Head Museum. [BBS]

Bender has on a few occasions dressed as Napoleon.

Bender as Napoleon[edit]

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In 3001, Bender wore a bicorne as captain of the Planet Express ship. [3ACV05]

In 3002, Bender joked that he was Napoleon while incarcerated in an asylum for criminally insane robots. [3ACV11]

By 3002, a painting or photograph of Bender wearing Napoleon-like attire had been placed in Fry and Bender's apartment. [3ACV20]

In 3010, Bender said that he had always dreamt of being an emperor. [6ACV10] [1]

Circa 3028, Bender wore Napoleon-like attire as leader of a robot uprising. [7ACV03] [2] He later became ruler of Earth.

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  1. ^ In 3001, he disguised himself as "Og — gorilla emperor of Earth". [2ACV19]
  2. ^ See also Decision 3012#Production.