New New York v. Bender (3011)

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New New York v. Bender
LocationBattery Park Integrated Circuit Court
Judge(s)Judge 802
DefendantBender Bending Rodríguez
VerdictUnknown; Bender pleads "not inno-guilty-cent"
Appearance"The Silence of the Clamps" (6ACV14)

New New York v. Bender was a case made by the State or City of New New York against Bender for the crime of burglarcenarsony, a crime which didn't exist until performed by Bender. The trial took place at Battery Park Integrated Circuit Court and was presided over by Judge 802. Bender pleaded not inno-guilty-cent at his pre-trial hearing, which took place at the same time that Bender was a witness in New New York v. Donbot (6ACV14). The results of the trial are unknown.

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    Judge 724: You're on trial in courtroom three.
    [Judge 724 presses a button on his desk, making Bender's table turn around and show up in another courtroom. To his left is a female Robot judge with the number 802 on her chest. They turn to each other at the same time.]
    Judge 802: You are charged with two counts of burglarcenarsony. How do you plead?
    Bender: [Bender stands up and points up.] Not inno-guilty-cent!
    [Bender presses the button on Judge 802's desk, making himself turn around and show up in the Donbot courtroom.]