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The Planet Express ship fires phasers
First appearance*"...But Deliver Us to Evil!" (US#002)
Current statusStill in use
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A phaser is a gun that fires a phased array pulsed energy projectile, in the form of a visible laser.


In 3000, A dual cabinet in the Planet Express ship contained a phaser, along with other weapons and accessories.Disputed canon

In 3002, the Planet Express ship fired phasers upon the entity Melllvar, trying to free the cast of Star Trek. Melllvar grabbed the ship, crashing it into the planet Omega 3, and destroying its engine. The Planet Express crew and the Star Trek cast united to mount the wrecked USS Enterprise nacelles to the ship. This enabled them to leave the planet, although Melllvar fired phasers at them from his own ship, which he lamented the fact that he had to remove it from the packaging. The Nimbus and the Planet Express ship were saved when Melllvar's mom told him to go back home. [4ACV11]

On New Year's Day in 3001, Bender asked the What-If Machine what would happen if he were sent back to 1999. In the resulting scenario, Bender is a killer robot known as a Bendinator. He is sent to look for Fry, but first comes across a human bum named Mort. He asks the Bendinator for a phaser and a new outfit so that he can rule as overlord, but the Bendinator shoots him instead. Disputed canon

In 3017, the universe was pulled into hypnowaves after the Hypnotoad summoned the female hypnotoad from a perpendicular universe. While the universe was being reconstructed, George Takei emerged from the hypnowave, only to be kidnapped by Leo Wong and Inez Wong, and brought to Mars. Amy Wong and Philip J. Fry assembled a team to rescue him, and brought him back to Earth. They convinced him to stay in New New York by giving him the tapes from the original Star Trek, phasers, glasses of tranya, and having him sign autographed headshots.[WoT] Disputed canon

Additional Info


  • This weapon is taken from Star Trek.
  • The phaser effect shown in "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" was the same as in the original Star Trek, as was the sound effect.


    [Huge zap of lightning as time portal sends Bender to the ground.]
    Mort: What the?...
    Bender: Ohhhh...
    Mort: You''re a robot? God has been listening to my prayers!
    Bender: Are you Philip. J. Fry?
    Mort: No, I'm Mort, your new master, and together we'll crush the non-belivers who called me mad when I predicted a society run by your mechanical brethren! Now first things first... I need a phaser gun and a snazzy outfit. Something that screams 'universal overlord' but is wrinkle free and breathes...hey,what are you doing?
    [Lightning flashes.]


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