Phillip Fry

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
Phillip Fry
Phillip Fry.png
Planet of originEarth
First appearanceBender's Big Score
Voiced byDavid Herman
This article is about the fat man. For other people named Fry, see Fry (disambiguation).

Phillip Fry was an ugly man living in the 20th or 21st century who shared a similar name with Philip J. Fry, the notable difference in his name being the lack of the J. and the spelling of his given name (BBS).


As Bender travels back in time to hunt down Philip J. Fry, he searches for him and in a phone book he founds a list of possible Frys. Outside the phone booth (which he originally thought was a suicide booth) he meets Phillip Fry. But Bender does not recognize him because he is a lot uglier than Philip J. Fry.

Interestingly, while it appears Phillip is sleeping in the gutter when Bender meets him, he also meets him again at his home, which in New York is quite fancy. Both times, Bender must conclude that he is not the Fry he is searching for.

Additional info

List of Frys in the phone book.


  • The spelling "Phillip" is a common Continental European way of spelling Philip.


    Bender: One of these Frys must be Fry. Look out Philip Fry, 'cause I got a little present for you.
    Phillip Fry: My name is Phillip Fry. Where's my present.
    Bender: Hang on a second Fry. I don't remember you being that ugly.
    Phillip Fry: Oh no, I've always been this ugly.
    Bender: Huh. Let me see your ass. [He looks at Phillip Fry's buttocks.] No tattoo. Okay, you can go.
    Phillip Fry: Farewell sir.

    [Bender rings the door bell of Phillip Fry. He answers, screams, and drops his pants.]
    Bender: Okay, you're still clean. I mean metaphorically.


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