Private Carroll

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Tertiary character
Private Carroll
Futurama Comics Issue 60 Private Carroll.jpg
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionDOOP Soldier, War Hero
First appearance"Captain Zapp Brannigan in Purple Tentacle Tour" (US#052-mini) Mini comic
Voiced byUnknown

Private Carroll was a DOOP soldier who was saved in the battlefield by Zapp Brannigan, but then fell into a coma. Eventually, he awoke from the coma, asking to see Zapp so he could find out what happened on the field. Zapp decided to tell him the truth, that he offered his own life to save Zapp's, and Zapp didn't save him. (However, this was another lie, in reality, Zapp knocked him out and used his body to hide from the enemy) Beforehand, Zapp received the Purple Tentacle Award for being a Hero and saving Private Carroll's life, but Zapp then decided to give the medal to Carroll for what he did for him.

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