Rrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr or Consequences

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Rrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr or Consequences
Rrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr or Consequences.jpg
Lrrr had to choose between Leela and his wife.
TypeOmicronian ritual
Celebrated whenAn Omicronian feels rejected by a loved one
Celebrated whereOmicron Persei 8
White Planes, NNY
Celebrated byOmicronians who feel rejected by loved ones
First heldBillions of years ago
First appearance"Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences" (6ACV11)

Rrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr or Consequences is an Omicronian ritual in which the submitted being must choose between two people by killing the one he or she rejects. As the Omicronians, a 14-billion-year old race, consider it to be ancient, we can assume it's an extremely old tradition, although its up to speculation as to exactly how old it is. It's apparently meant to be performed on floating white platforms in the sky, though if and why they are a necessary part of the ritual, or even where these white platforms can be found, are all uncertain.

Ndnd invoked the ritual after realizing Leela had been nagging, torturing and pushing around Lrrr, her husband, and therefore doing her job. She took everybody to White Planes in New New York so they could begin Rrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr or Consequences. Lrrr was willing to shoot Leela, but Fry jumped in front of the disintegrator ray, so she didn't get shot. As a result, Ndnd was surprised Lrrr actually did value her nagging above all others, and the Omicronians went home.

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    Ndnd: What I want to know is what is on between you and Bossy Boots here.
    Lrrr: Her? She's just a bossy friend.
    Ndnd: Exactly. She nagged you, tormented you and pushed you around. That is my job! This must be settled. I demand the ancient ritual of Rrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr or Consequences!
    Fry: Rrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr or what?

    Ndnd: Let the ritual begin. The rules are the same as in the home version. Lrrr must simply choose between myself and Leela...
    Leela: Fine. Hurry up.
    Ndnd: By shooting the one he rejects.