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"Season 8" redirects here. For the DVD set labelled "Season 8" in Australia and the UK, see Volume 8.
Season 8
Original runJuly 24, 2023 —
No. of episodes20
Special guestsSee here
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Season 8 is a new season of Futurama following the series' eight-year hiatus. Part of its third run, the new season has been reported on Variety in February 2022 with 20 episodes. Unlike the first two runs aired on television, the series has moved to the Hulu streaming service in the United States and premiered on July 24, 2023.[1] It also aired on the Disney+ and Star+ streaming services internationally. The second cour of Season 8 (also known as broadcast season 12) will premiere on July 29, 2024.[2]



On 3 August, 2023, Hulu released a featurette about the third run on Youtube.


Title Original airdate
Production code TV Broadcast #
The Impossible Stream 24 July 2023 8ACV01 S11E01 141
Children of a Lesser Bog 31 July 2023 8ACV02 S11E02 142
How The West Was 1010001 7 August 2023 8ACV03 S11E03 143
Parasites Regained 14 August 2023 8ACV04 S11E04 144
Related to Items You've Viewed 21 August 2023 8ACV05 S11E05 145
I Know What You Did Next Xmas 28 August 2023 8ACV06 S11E06 146
Rage Against the Vaccine 4 September 2023 8ACV07 S11E07 147
Zapp Gets Cancelled 11 September 2023 8ACV08 S11E08 148
The Prince and the Product 18 September 2023 8ACV09 S11E09 149
All the Way Down 25 September 2023 8ACV10 S11E10 150

Additional information


  • In the United States, this season has been primarily promoted with Hulu's new adult-animation branding, "Animayhem."
  • To promote the new season, the official Futurama Facebook resumed regular posting. Additionally, new Futurama social media pages were created for the Twitter/X[3], Instagram, and Threads websites.
  • On July 26, 2023, Hulu collaborated with the popular online video game Fortnite for a special Futurama event to promote the new season. Fry, Leela, and Bender were added as playable characters; along with cosmetics and emotes referencing other aspects of the series.
  • This is the first season to feature overseas work by Digital eMation, who handles the even-numbered episodes (while Rough Draft Korea continues to handle the odd-numbered episodes).