Sith Invasion re-enactment

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Sith Invasion re-enactment
Sith Overlords re-enactors in 3010.
First heldBefore 3010
Held whereSithal War Memorial, New New York, Earth
Contents of eventRe-enactment of the Sith-il War
First appearance"Lethal Inspection" (6ACV06)

The Sith Invasion re-enactment is a re-enactment of the Sithal War of 2865, held at the Sithal War Memorial in New New York (6ACV06). The 3010 re-enactment was held in July, and among the participants were the Planet Express crew and several nerds. The 3010 reenactment moved at a slower pace than the actual Sithal War; at one point, the death toll was only three when at that same point in the actual war, the death toll was 98 million. After he was "killed", Bender mocked the crew over their mortality and said that if he died, his back-up unit would be able to put him in a new body. The reenactment caused actual strain and injury to the Planet Express crew minus Bender, who reveled in his seeming immortality.

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