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Sometimes, before an episode of Futurama is aired, a promotional picture (or promo pic for short) is released. These show a key aspect of the episode, either drawn in a different style to what is shown in the show, or directly taken from it, in the form of stills. Over time, less and less promo pics were released, until Season 3 which only had four and an all-time-low of three pictures released for Season 4.

Some episodes have two promo pics for them. Unless previews of cover art is counted, there are no promo pics for the comics apart from The Simpsons crossover comics, "Somewhere Over the Brain-bow!" and "Liquid Diamond Is Forever!". Most of the primary and secondary characters also have promo pics for themselves.

Countdown to Futurama, an Internet countdown conducted by Comedy Central's news site, Comedy Central Insider, began in 2010 as a means of releasing promotional material for season 6, which includes various promotional pictures.

Below is a gallery of all the promo pics for Futurama.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 6

Season 7

Special episodes



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