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Storyboard for
"Decision 3012"
Decision 3012 storyboard 6.jpg

Part of the storyboard for "Decision 3012" was released by Countdown to Futurama on 17 May 2012. [1]

Scene 47

Morbo - who is seated on a chair and wearing glasses - thanks a senator for "a thoughtful and lucid answer" - but rises, rips off his own glasses and, screaming, tells the senator that "[he] will be destroyed".

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Scenes 258 and 259

Several Humans are inside a cave. Bender blasts through a wall of the cave with the gun from Bender's Big Score - making a hole which reveals him to be wearing the sunglasses from the film and Destructor to be behind him -, steps up through the hole, says that "[he's] low on bullets", tells "everyone (to) scooch together" and waves to them to move. Smoke rises up from the hole.

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