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Storyboard for
"Lethal Inspection"
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Part of the storyboard for "Lethal Inspection" was released by Countdown to Futurama on 10 June, 2010.[1]

Scene 116

The scene shown in the storyboard is number 116, consisting of 28 storyboard panels.[1] In this scene, Bender and Hermes want to enter a building, most likely the Central Bureaucracy building, since there is a large queue behind them. The security bureaucrat wants Bender's preliminary application for ingress, having approved Hermes' already. Hermes tells him that Bender is his pencil sharpener. Bender picks up a pencil and sharpens it by inserting it somewhere in his back. He gives the pencil back to the bureaucrat and he allows them to enter. After Bender and Hermes proceed, the bureaucrat throws the pencil into an incinerator.

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