The Finder Outer

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The Finder Outer
The Finder Outer.png
The title character of The Finder OuterDetective Klaus Mandela. [7ACV16]
GenrePolice procedural
FormatLive action
Country of originLikely United States
First appearance"T.: The Terrestrial" (7ACV16)

The Finder Outer is a television show about a police detective who has no supernatural abilities and as such is forced to solve crimes by simply investigating them. In 3013, Lrrr saw an advertisement for it that said that it would premiere in the fall. [7ACV16] [1] He later tried to rush the fourth Omicronian invasion of Earth so that he could get home in time for the show.

One of the background actors in the advertisement is a little boy that Fry talked to before getting frozen. [1ACV01] Interestingly enough, however, there are on a bulletin board pictures of a spaceship, an alien, and a hovercar. It may be that the show is an either 20th-century or 21st-century production that is set in the future, although there is no evidence of technological advancement.


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A police bulletin board on The Finder Outer.
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    Announcer: Detective Klaus Mandela is... The Finder Outer.
    Lrrr: This truly is the golden age of television.
    Jrrr: Hey, papa... Wanna help me earn a merit badge?
    Lrrr: Hmm?
    Sorry, son. Right now NBC needs my love more than you do.


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  1. ^ This may have been merely a season premiere.