Fountain of Aging

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The Fountain of Aging
The Fountain of Aging.jpg
LocationOn the most ancient sun just past Teddybear Junction
First appearance"Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" (4ACV09)

The Fountain of Aging is situated on the surface of a burnt-out sun in an ancient solar system, just past Teddybear Junction. It ages every living being that is inserted in its waters. One of the stories in the book "A Child's Garden of Space Legends" is named "The Fountain of Aging", which reveals the location. Leela took the book to the young Professor and with its help, the young Planet Express crew travelled to the fountain and were reverted to their more or less correct ages after they had been youthasized by The Bubbling Geezer's searing-hot tar pits. A duplicate of Zoidberg's brother Norman dies from its effects because he spent too much time inside the fountain.

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