Thuban 9

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Thuban 9
Thuban 9.jpg
Inhabited byThubanians and Chicken-Salmon
StatusHalf frozen, half scorched
First appearance"That Darn Katz!" (6ACV08)

Thuban 9 is the ninth planet of the Thuban star. It's inhabited by the Thubanians and the Chicken-Salmon. Long ago, life there was ideal for cats. A sun provided plenty of warm, dozy light. The Chicken-Salmon roamed free. Yet, disaster loomed. The planet's rotation was gradually slowing. At first, it seemed beneficial. But then, it got too hot, and too cold. The top Thubanian scientists went to work. At last, they located a planet with the necessary orientation and magnetic field, Earth. The cats later moved to the "blue-blue shiny ball", as they call it. In Egypt, they were viewed as gods, and largely contributed to the Earthican culture.

After the events of "That Darn Katz!", the planet returned to being half frozen and half scorched.

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  • Thuban, the star the planet orbits, was the Earth's pole star when the Thubanians built the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • There is also a planet neighboring Thuban 9 that's has an inhabitant with an incredibly loud voice that shouts "shut up"!
  • The planet Thuban 9 is 300 light-years from Earth because of the star Thubans distance


    Thubanian leader: At first, it seemed beneficial. Long, dark nights for sleeping. Long, sunny days for sleeping.