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That's right. I'm not even trying anymore. The sewer cover says "The PJs" [2ACV01] [3ACV04] and Fry's name is Philip J. Fry, so this page is called "The PJFs". If Fry's name were Philip Dick Fry, the page would be called "The PDFs". If Fry's name were Philip Dick Fry and The PJs were called "The P.J.s", the page would be called "The R.I.P.D.F.s".

Basically I'll just come here every Friday or so (not every Fry-day or so) [6ACV19] and post an edit I made that week that I feel was of particular importance, like so, because, as you know, Friday is the last day of the week— Wait. No. The weekend is. Sunday is the last day of the week.

I should probably stop underlining things.

week diff
[1] [1] (2013's first Friday the thirteenth...)
[2] [2]
[3] [3]
[4] [4]
[5] [5]
[6] [6] (No edit. Don't click.)
[7] [7]
[8] [8]
[9] [9]
[10] [10]
[11] [11]
[12] [12]
[13] [13]
[14] [14]
[15] [15]
[16] [16]
[17] [17]

If you look closely, you will see that the column on the left is one colour and the colour on the right column on the right is another colour. Maybe that means something?

See? Now I'm crossing out things, not underlining things. Oh come on!

[Sanfazer erases the whole Frying page.]

That's legal cursing, by the way.

Additional illustration


    Fry: I... freakin' love you. But I don't throw that word around! [6ACV17]
    Professor Farnsworth: Oh I know you don't. That's why I love you.

    Professor Farnsworth: Fry is one guy I'd definitely never abandon. [7ACV16]

    [Notice the use of the same numbers. [6+1=7] [7-1=6] There's also something about the two production codes at the top of the page that's also suspicious.]


  1. ^ As of 10 January 2014, PJFs are no longer being produced. However, existing PJFs will still air on the Inter Network... in selected years.
    Has the PJFs edit series been cancelled?
    Yes. Yes it has.
    Is there any chance there will be more PJFs in the future?
    That depends on whether the on/off PJF switch is on or off when Sanfazer the PJF master accesses the PJF home page (this page) next Friday.
    Do you want me — the reader of this question — to turn on the switch?
    No. But if you do... then perhaps gifts!