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  • Unknown date
    • War of 2012, in which Conan O'Brien loses his legs.
    • Fry locates Leelu and nearly takes her home, but releases her after realizing she is with a male narwhal.
    • Bender visits the second Philip J. Fry and attempts to kill him.
    • Fry returns to New York.
    • Bender blows up Panucci's Pizza in an attempt to kill Fry, but only ends up burning off Fry's hair and damaging his larynx, altering his appearance and voice.
    • Seymour is killed and fossilized as a result of the Panucci's Pizza explosion.
    • Fry freezes himself to return to the future, living under the name "Lars Fillmore".
    • Al Gore is driving a Hybraxi taxi, which he presumably invented, after Bender destroyed his political chances in the 2000 election.


  • Unknown date