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{{event infobox
{{event infobox
|name              = 2980 Olympics
|name              = 2980 Olympics
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*{{e|4ACV13}} (mentionned)
*{{e|4ACV13}} (mentionned)
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2980 Olympics
2980 Olympics.png
TypeOlympic games
Contents of eventInterplanetary multi-sport event
First appearance"A Flight to Remember" (1ACV10)

The 2980 Olympics was an interplanetary multi-sport event which was held in 2980. We know of only 2 competitors and 1 event. It was only seen in a flashback when Hermes told the story of why he left Limbo.



  • Limbo
Winner: Barbados Slim

Additional Info

Hermes is preparing for the limbo.


  • This event is the last athletic event in which Hermes competed as a Limboist until the 3004 Olympics, because of the death of a poor boy who idolized Hermes, and was fatally injured while attempting to limbo as low as a trained olympian.
  • In the 3004 Olympics, Hermes competed for Jamaica, however in the 2980 Olympics, he competed for Earth. Based on this, it is possible that two olympic games are held: one interplanetary, the other limited to Earth.