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[[Image:Futurama Comic 26.jpg|right|thumb|Comic Name or Quote]]
[[Image:Futurama Comic 26.jpg|right|thumb|A Whole Lotta Leela]]
'''US Issue Number''': 026<br />
'''US Issue Number''': 026<br />
'''UK Issue Number(s)''': 041, 042<br />
'''UK Issue Number(s)''': 041, 042<br />

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A Whole Lotta Leela

US Issue Number: 026
UK Issue Number(s): 041, 042
Title Caption: The #1 Selling Comic of 3006
Published (US): July 26th 2006

The Story

Act I

Bender has signed up for a course in alien weapons repair, and the school sends him a new weapon each week to repair.

Act II

Additional Info


  • In the opening page, Fry is a giraffe, Amy is a puppy, and Leela is an octopus.
  • Morbo presents the alien firearm repair advertisements.
  • The scene with the younger characters is a reference to the Futurama episode 4ACV09 Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles.


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