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Animatic for
Game of Tones
On DVDVolume 8

By 9 July 2013, excerpts of the animatic for "Game of Tones" had been made available on an internet portfolio attributed to Futurama storyboard artist [1] Roy Camacho. [2] [3]

Differences from final copy

  • The tones are different.
  • Instead of "ARBOR DAY", the caption reads "LUNCHTIME". [4]
  • Two parrots in a forest hear the tones. [4]
  • An Indian man meditating on a cliff (Billy West) hears the tones. He looks up and yells "yo, God! I thought I told you to shut up!". [5]
  • Instead of "I don't know if you've heard the news, but... it's good, everyone!", the professor says "I don't know if everyone's heard the news, but... it's good!".
  • Instead of "what song is deece?", Hermes says "what song is this?".
  • Instead of "your singing is awful! I can't take it anymore!", Shazam says "you sing too badly for Shazam to grant your request". [5]
    Instead of David Herman, Shazam is voiced by Phil LaMarr.
  • Bender sings a song, which Shazam then identifies as «"Bender Is Great", by Bender». Bender says "I knew it!". [5]
  • Instead of "why am I the only one whining?", Fry says "where have I heard that before?".
  • Instead of "what part of Fry's brain becomes active when he hears it", the professor says "what part of Fry's brain becomes active when he hears the tones".
  • The sound that the brain scanner makes is different.
  • In the scene where the professor scans Fry's brain, instead of by the alien ship, the tones are produced by a kazoo, played by Scruffy. The professor says "Scruffy. Would you honour us?", to which Scruffy replies "yes, sir. Right away, sir". [4] [6]
    Scruffy is not voiced by David Herman.
  • In the scene where the professor says that there is no time to lose, the radio-cranial dream injector is different.
  • Instead of "my last day in the past", Fry says "the rest of that day".
  • After Fry says "wow", the professor says "oops".
  • Instead of Seth MacFarlane, Seymour is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.
    This is likely because Seth MacFarlane had not recorded his line yet.
  • Instead of "find the source of the music", the professor says "find those tones".
  • The montage begins with a scene in Fry's living room. Fry is trying to light a match in front of the fireplace. His father, in military uniform, pushes him aside and drops a grenade in the fireplace. The grenade explodes and they salute each other. [5]
  • The song "1999" plays during the montage.
  • The sound that the game makes is different.
  • The scene outside Panucci's begins with Fry saying "I made this delivery on my bike".
  • Instead of "while waiting for him to knock some idiot's chair over", Digby says "while waiting for him to finish his assignment".
  • Instead of Digby, the line "remember where we parked?" is spoken by Nibbler. However, for this line, Nibbler speaks in Digby's voice.
  • The line "no. You?" is not spoken.
  • Instead of "the boss gave me a spare key and I began going planet to planet, looking for the company car", Digby says "eventually, I retrieved the spare key and began scouring the universe for the company car".
    For this line, instead of Maurice LaMarche, he is voiced by David X. Cohen.
  • Instead of "why did you have to blast us with that deafening music?", Amy says "why did you have to blast our planet with that deafening music?".
  • Instead of "what? You mean the key fob?", Digby says "that? That was my mega-remote".
  • Instead of "I know exactly where you left your ship", Fry says "I'll show you where you left your ship".


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