Anti-Tentacle Blockade of Earth

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The Anti-Tentacle Blockade of Earth
Anti-Tentacle Blockade.jpg
LocationSpace around the Anomaly
ResultVictory to Yivo.
AppearanceThe Beast with a Billion Backs
Side ASide B
DOOP ArmyYivo
Zapp BranniganYivo
Nimbus and several other ships.Tentacles
Dozens of shipsn/a

The Anti-Tentacle Blockade of Earth was a proposed form of action to be taken against Yivo when shkle began forcing shklis tentacles through the Anomaly. Unfortunately, the blockade was a complete failure as shkle was impervious to all weapons and was thus able to invade Earth with shkler tentacles. The outcome wouldn't have been much different even if Zapp Brannigan hadn't been in command (he happened to be controling the ship from quite a safe distance).

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