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{{item infobox
{{item infobox
|name=''Bachelor Chow''
|name=''Bachelor Chow''
|image=[[File:Bachelor Chow.jpg|225px]]
|image=[[File:Bachelor chow game.png|225px]]
|image text=As seen in [[Futurama (video game)|the game]].
|image text=As seen in [[Futurama (video game)|the game]].

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Bachelor Chow
Bachelor chow game.png
As seen in the game.
OriginProbably Earth
First appearance"I, Roommate" (1ACV03)

Bachelor Chow is a food product for humans, similar to Purina Dog Chow, which is constantly advertised on TV, billboards and magazines throughout Futurama. It is customarily served in a bowl, and water is added so that it can produce its own gravy. [1ACV03]

An adverstisement was seen inside the V-GINY, along with censorable programmes such as All My Circuits, Channel √2 News, and Everybody Loves Hypnotoad. [6ACV02] Bachelor Chow has at least two slogans, both shown in the opening sequence.



Additional Info[edit]


  • A new product called Bachelor Bar, which consists of flavored Bachelor Chow in a nutritional tablet, came out. [3ACV11]


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