Bender Gets Made

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Bender Gets Made

Production Number: 2ACV13
Title Caption:Simulcast on Crazy People's Fillings
First Aired: April 30, 2000

The Story

Act I: Hey Elzar, think fast!

When Fry, Bender and Leela go to see an episode of Elzar's show being made, Bender takes a picture of Elzar while he is using a spice weasel and spice gets in Leela’s eye blinding her. Leela has to wear a patch for a week and Elzar makes it up to them by cooking them a meal. The crew ends up getting a bill and when they can’t pay for it the cops arrest them.

Act II: You flatter me kind goon

Bender agrees to work for Elzar if the crew are released. While working at the restaurant, the robot mafia visits and Bender does everything he can to satisfy them, Donbot likes his attitude so he hires Bender as a goon. Bender is given a lottery disk to deliver and notices the cops and gives it to Tinny Tim to deliver as the cops inspect him. Bender then helps in a large crime under the name Blotto and pretends to be sick while the Planet Express crew are on their mission. The mafia are stealing zuban cigars from the Planet Express Ship.

Act III: You're a freakin' genius, you idiot!

Bender has to prevent the Planet Express crew from being killed and to not blow his cover. The mafia shoots the Planet express ship and due to Leela’s blind flying, the mafia manage to get into the ship. Bender uses a "king" accent and helps tie up the rest of the crew while they are blindfolded. Bender then lets the mafia leave while he burns down the ship, but instead releases Fry and Leela pretending to have also been tied up. At the Planet Express building Tinny Tim gives Bender his share of money and he decides to give up organised crime.

Additional Info

Promo pic of this episode


  • There was originally going to be a scene that would have revealed that the Bender we've known since The Lesser of Two Evils has actually been Flexo. This idea was abandoned, as evidenced by Bendless Love
  • This episode also had one of the Professor's Jesus statements, saying "Holy Zombie Jesus!" and was also once again blanked out from Adult Swim.


  • [The ship takes off, damaging the roof]
    Hermes [to Zoidberg]: That's coming out of your pay!
    [Zoidberg cries]
  • Joey: They're coming straight toward our proximity. Maybe you should give 'em the clamps, Clamps.
    Clamps: Gee, you think? You think that maybe I should use these clamps that I use every day at every opportunity? You're a freaking genius, you idiot!
  • Joey Mousepad: This here crew list lists a robot on this crew here.
  • Fry: Leela, we may not have much time left so let's spend all of it reminiscing about Bender. He was like a big computer that ran on magic.


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