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|name=Bendin' in the Wind
|image=[[File:Bendin' in the Wind.jpg|225px]]
|broadcast season=
|caption=Federal law prohibits changing the channel
|first aired=22 April, 2001
|written by=Eric Horsted
|directed by=Ron Hughart
|title reference= The song "''Blowin' in the Wind''" by Bob Dylan
|caption reference=
|opening cartoon=''{{w|A Coy Decoy}}'' (1941)
|broadcast number=S03E13
|special guest=[[Beck]]
|prev ep=The Route of All Evil
|next ep=Time Keeps on Slippin'
|broad prev=Insane in the Mainframe
|broad next=
"'''Bendin' in the Wind'''" is the forty-fifth episode of ''[[Futurama]]'', the thirteenth of the [[Season 3|third production season]] and [[Broadcast season 3|third broadcast season]]. It aired 22 April, 2001 on FOX.  It guest stars [[Beck]] as himself.  [[Bender Bending Rodríguez|Bender]] becomes a folksinger after being broken, and starts touring with Beck.
== The Story ==
=== Act I: "This thing can't go faster than 80,000 miles per hour?" ===
While walking, [[Philip J. Fry|Fry]] and [[Bender Bending Rodr&iacute;guez|Bender]] come across the [[NNY Hole Project]]. Fry gets a recently excavated {{w|Volkswagen Transporter}} {{w|microbus}} that he pushes back to [[Planet Express]]. Though petroleum no longer exists, a can of whale oil is supplied. Bender starts to open it with the can opener, but he is caught by the magnetic forces and is horribly damaged. at the hospital, Bender learns that his hydraulics are ruined, he can never move again. While wallowing in his misery, he notices [[Beck]], his favourite folk singer. Beck invites Bender to be his new washboard player, giving him robotic mini-arms, which allow him to play by scraping them across his broken chest.
=== Act II: "My shell ran." ===
Bender and Beck go on tour, with Fry, [[Turanga Leela|Leela]], [[Amy Wong|Amy]] and [[Dr. John Zoidberg|Zoidberg]] following them in the microbus. While at a laundromat, Zoidberg's shell runs, ruining their money. Beck and Bender organize a benefit for broken robots and Bender starts writing his own song. After he finishes writing his song, he is visited by Fry and the rest; they are shocked to find he is capable of moving again.
=== Act III: "I didn't get my beads!" ===
Bender is wondering how he can play at his upcoming concert, [[Bend-Aid]] and thinks of something... by faking still being injured. At his concert, Bender sings with Beck, while the others make money by selling "love beads", pearls coughed up by Dr. Zoidberg. Bender receives a giant check before singing the song he wrote, "My Broken Friend", and right before he finishes his song, his secret is exposed as he gets too cocky and starts to dance. Bender escapes, lands in the VW, and drives off with the others.
=== Act IV: "Put the metal to the pedal to the other metal!" ===
Bender and the rest start driving through town, trying to outrun Beck and his minions. The VW falls off the [[Golden Gate Bridge]], because it is a hover bridge and they aren't in a [[hovercar]]. Bender grabs a cable and manages to save himself and the others. Once safe, the others let go of Bender, causing him to be slingshot into the air. He lands near Beck's bus, where Beck recovers the huge check, but spares Bender. With a magnet placed on his head, singing "Bender is Great", Bender returns to the crew, who are paddling home by using the bus as a raft.
== Additional Info ==
=== "My Broken Friend" lyrics ===
{{see|List of song performances#My Broken Friend}}
=== Trivia ===
*[[Cedars-Sinewave Hospital]] is a play off of {{w|Cedars-Sinai Medical Center}}.
*Non-speaking appearances are made by the heads of {{w|Neil Young}} and {{w|Joni Mitchell}}, on Beck's tourbus.
*Bender's music, as shown on the sheet music (approx 11:07), is actually the melody of the first movement of {{w|Beethoven's Fifth Symphony}}.
=== Continuity ===
*The broken robots shown throughout the episode include:
**[[Fratbots#Oily|Oily]], from "[[Mars University]]"
**A Humorbot, though presumably not [[Humorbot 5.0]], who appears fully functioning in earlier and later episodes
**[[Malfunctioning Eddie]]
**The headless [[Robot Chef]], who we see explode in {{e|1ACV06}}.
*The drummer in Beck's band is a [[Neptunian]].
=== Allusions ===
*Bender eats some [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olestra Olestra] chips from the 1990's and suffers the usual side effects of the product.
*[[Patchcord Adams]] is a spoof of real life medical doctor Patch Adams who was made famous when he was portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie of the same name.  His voice is more of a dead-on impression of Williams.
*[[Cylon]] and [[Garfunkel]] are the 31st century equivalent of Simon and Garfunkel.  They sing the latter's "Scarborough Fair".
=== Quotes ===
<poem>'''Hippie''': Wow, look at the colours. These'll go great with my soul.
'''Zoidberg''': Glad you like them. I've been making fine jewellery for years, apparently.</poem>
<poem>'''Bender''': Hey, yeah, I could write a song! With real words, not phoney ones like "odelay".
'''Beck''': "Odelay" is a word. Just look it up in the Becktionary.</poem>
<poem>'''Zoidberg''': Oh, I don't know, Fry. I think I'm too poor to follow a band around in a van.</poem>
<poem>'''Beck''': [honks horn] Come on. We have to get to the concert in time and make the audience wait for it to start.</poem>
<poem>'''Bender''': ''[After realizing he can move again.]'' Oh, crap!! It's a miracle!</poem>
<poem>'''Bender''': ''[Falling from the bridge.]'' Somebody fat get in my waaaaaayyyyy!!! ''[Bender lands on a skinny woman, who was standing next to a fat man.]''</poem>
<poem>'''Bender''': ''[crying]'' No, don't you see? I was a hero to broken robots 'cause I was one of them. But how can I sing about being damaged if I'm not? That's like {{w|Christina Aguilera}} singing in Spanish. [He gasps and stops crying.] Wait, that's it! I'll fake it! </poem>
=== Characters ===
*[[Amy Wong|Amy]]
*'''Debut''': [[Beck]]
*[[Bender Bending Rodr&iacute;guez|Bender]]
*[[Philip J. Fry|Fry]]
*'''Debut''': : [[Art Garfunkel's descendant]]
*[[Hermes Conrad|Hermes]]
*'''Debut''': [[Country Blob]]
*[[Turanga Leela|Leela]]
*[[Malfunctioning Eddie]]
*[[Neil Young's Head]]
*'''Debut''': [[Patchcord Adams]]
*[[Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth|Prof. Farnsworth]]
*[[Robot Chef]]
*[[Unnamed Fat Guy]]
*'''Debut''': [[Wailing Fungus]]
*[[Dr. John Zoidberg|Zoidberg]]
== Episode Credits ==
**[[Eric Horsted]]
**[[Ron Hughart]]
*Voice Actors
**[[Billy West]]
**[[Katey Sagal]]
**[[John DiMaggio]]
**[[Tress MacNeille]]
**[[Maurice LaMarche]]
**[[Phil LaMarr]]
**[[David Herman]]
**[[Lauren Tom]]
*DVD Commentary
**[[Matt Groening]]
**[[David X. Cohen]]
**[[Rich Moore]]
**[[Eric Horsted]]
**[[John DiMaggio]]
**[[Billy West]]
*Special Guest
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