Bermuda Tetrahedron

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Bermuda Tetrahedron
Futurama Mobius Dick Bermuda Tetrahedron.jpg
The Professor shows the Crew a hologram of the Tetrahedron.
First appearance"Möbius Dick" (6ACV15)

The Bermuda Tetrahedron is a near-mythical region of space where spaceships have said to be lost and never returned. The area is littered with huge diamond asteroids, ion storms and husks of destroyed ships. The entire region is bordered by a layer of Tickle Me Elmo's fire. The reality is that a Four-dimensional space whale attacks ships to lure obsessive space captains to it, using their obsession as a food source. In 3010, the Planet Express crew passed through the region to deliver a monument concerning the 50th Anniversary of the first crew's loss.

Additional information


  • The region's name is a parody of the Bermuda Triangle, a mythical region of the Atlantic Ocean on Earth.