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The Conrads
The Conrads.png
Dwight, LaBarbara, and Hermes rapping with Kwanzaa-bot (6ACV13).
LocationConrad apartment
Organisation typeFamily
First appearance"The Route of All Evil" (3ACV12)

The Conrads are a Jamaican American family which consists of three members: LaBarbara Conrad, Hermes Conrad, and Dwight Conrad. They live in an apartment in New New York (3ACV12).


Hermes and LaBarbara get married around 2980, as Labarbara divorced from Barbados Slim, Hermes'limbo rival. At some point in the early 2990s, Hermes seemed to live alone in Tijuana, while working at Inspector#5 in Mom's factory, it is unknown where Labarbara lived. In 2989, their son is born, Dwight. The family was later separated for a short period of time when Hermes became a head in a jar and LaBarbara got back together with Barbados Slim, after which Dwight even took Slim as his last name (BBS). They were only reunited when Hermes got his body back. The Conrads also seem to celebrate Kwanzaa (6ACV13).

Additional Info


Hermes is a primary character in the series, so he appears in almost every episode. This list only deals with appearances of the whole family.