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{{group infobox
|name          = DOOP Army
|image          = [[File:DOOP army.jpg|225px]]
|image text    = The DOOP forces preparing for war.
|location      = [[Earth]] 
|type          = Interplanetary Army
|first appear  = {{e|1ACV12}}
The '''DOOP Army''' (sometimes known as the '''Earth Army''') is the protector of all members of the [[Democratic Order of Planets]], such as [[Earth]]. Its motto is "Join the Army, ''What Are You Chicken?''". The Army is often led by legendary 25 Star General [[Zapp Brannigan]] and doesn't seem to care about human life, sending wave after wave of its troops to their deaths on often fruitless missions based on decisions that arguably lack tactical credibility.
== Troops ==
Men can sign up and drop out at any time, unless, of course, war is declared. Women, however, were forbidden to join the Army before [[3008]], as they had been known to distract male soldiers, specifically Zapp, with their uniforms. It is likely this restriction has been dropped, though, as two female soldiers are seen on board the Nimbus during [[The Anti-Tentacle Blockade of Earth|the anti-tentacle blockade of Earth]]. Earthican [[Robot|Robots]] are implanted with a Patriotism Circuit, which, in case of emergencies, can be activated, forcing them to serve the DOOP Military. The DOOP Army Soldiers wear green uniforms whilst battling on ground, and red uniforms (similar to those of Zapp and [[Kif Kroker]]) whilst fighting in space. The troops also get a 5% discount at Earthican stores.
== Weapons ==
The primary assault weapon used for ground troops is a type of laser gun requiring a ''Jack-In-The-Box'' style wind-up charging. This charging comes complete with music. The Commander of the Army, Zapp Brannigan, has access to Earth's missiles and other weapons ready to be used during an invasion. The flagship [[Nimbus]] is another powerful resource.
== Members ==
There are waves and waves of DOOP army members, but these few have played more important roles.
*[[Zapp Brannigan]], commander.
*[[Kif Kroker]], fourth lieutenant.
*[[Philip J. Fry|Fry]], former soldier.
*[[Bender Bending Rodríguez|Bender]], former soldier.
*[[Turanga Leela|Lee Lemon]], former soldier.
*[[Dr. John Zoidberg]], former military medic.
*[[iHawk]], medic.
*[[Dr. Veins McGee]], medic.
*[[Jellyfish Nurse]], nurse.
*[[Hugh Man]], a double agent for the [[Decapodian]] army.
== Assets ==
The DOOP Army holds various technological instruments it can use in the course of a war, assets.
*[[Nimbus]], flagship.
*[[DOOP Helicopters|Helicopters]].
*Hover Jeeps.
*Though not a piece of military equipment, the [[Planet Express Ship]], along with other civilian spacecraft, was sent into battle alongside the army in the defense of [[Earth]] against the [[Omicronians]].
== Opponents ==
The DOOP Army has fought many battles throughout the years. These are its current and former opponents.
*Invaders from [[Decapod 10]].
*[[Eden 7]].
*Pacifists of the [[Gandhi Nebula]].
*An army of [[Killbots]] in the Octillian System.
*Numerous battles with invaders from [[Omicron Persei 8]].
*Retiree people of the Assisted Living Nebula.
*[[Spheroids|Spheroid]] defenders on [[Spheron 1]].
*The [[Spiderians]] of [[Tarantulon 6]].
== Battles ==
The DOOP Army has fought various battles with the [[Omicronians]] and the [[Decapodians]], among others.
*The [[Battle of the Octillian System]].
*The [[First Omicronian Invasion of Earth]].
*The [[Battle of Spheron 1]].
*The [[Second Omicronian Invasion of Earth]].
*The [[Decapodian Invasion of Earth]].
*The [[Battle of Tarantulon 6]].
*The [[Anti-Tentacle Blockade of Earth]].
*The [[Third Omicronian Invasion of Earth]].
== Image Gallery ==
Image:DOOP Army 3.jpg|Fry fighting the Omicronians.
Image:Nimbus2.jpg|The Nimbus, flagship of the fleet.
Image:DOOP Heli 2.png|One of the DOOP Helicopters.
== Additional Info ==
=== Trivia ===
*When the guns are charging, the nursery rhyme ''{{w|Pop Goes the Weasel}}'' is played.
=== Quotes ===
'''[[Zapp]]''': It's a desolate, ugly little planet with absolutely no natural resources or strategic value. Questions?
'''Soldier''': Why is this [[Spheron 1|Godforsaken planet]] worth dying for?
'''Zapp''': Don't ask ''me'', you're the one who's going to be dying.
=== Appearances ===
*{{e|When Aliens Attack}}
*{{e|Anthology of Interest I}}
*{{e|War Is the H-Word}}
*{{e|A Taste of Freedom}}
*{{e|Three Hundred Big Boys}}
*{{clink|US#04|DOOP The Right Thing!}}
*{{clink|US#021|More Than A Filling!}}

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