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'''Dan Vebber''' was a writer for ''[[Futurama]]''. He has also worked on ''American Dad'', ''Daria'' and ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer''. He has also served as a story editor and co-producer.
==Episodes Written==
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*{{e|The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz}}
*{{e|The Route of All Evil }}
*{{e|Love and Rocket }}
==Characters Voiced==
*{{e|Obsoletely Fabulous}}
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*'''Fortune-Telling Robot''', gives advice to help Fry find Bender [[Godfellas|(3ACV20)]]
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Dan Vebber was a writer for futurama. He has also worked on American dad and buffy the vampire slayer.
Episodes written
*the bird bot of Ice-Catraz  
*The Route of All Evil  
*Love and Rocket  
*Obsoletely Fabulous

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Dan Vebber
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Story Editor,
Executive Story Editor,
IMDB profilenm0891551
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Dan Vebber was a writer for Futurama. He has also worked on American Dad, Daria and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He has also served as a story editor and co-producer.

Episodes Written