Delivery-Boy Man (character)

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Tertiary character
Character in Delivery-Boy Man
Delivery-Boy Man
Delivery-Boy Man.jpg
Delivery-Boy Man on a mission.
First appearance"Delivery-Boy Man" (US#S03)
Voiced byBilly West
For other uses of the name "Delivery-Boy Man" see Delivery-Boy Man (disambiguation)

Delivery-Boy Man is a comic book superhero who was bitten by a radioactive superman. He was created by Philip J. Fry to be the main protagonist of a comic with his name. He has various superpowers such as the laser eye power, the hand magnet power and the reverse time power. Delivery-Boy Man keeps a secret passion for Leelis Lane and has saved her many times. He killed his nemesis, Invader X, by telepathically making a meteorite fall over him.


  • Laser eye power
  • Hand magnet power
  • Reverse time power
  • Floating in space power

Additional Info


  • Fry was once an actual superhero, named Captain Yesterday.
  • In the comic, he is voiced by and modeled after Fry.


    Invader X: One more step and little Miss Constructive Criticism here gets it!
    Delivery-Boy Man: Oh, yeah? I may be just a simple delivery boy with no superpowers, so there's nothing I can do.
    Invader X: Okay. [He disintegrates Lane. Delivery-Boy Man bursts into tears.]