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Wernstrom's rivalry with Farnsworth had softened over the years and they even worked together from time to time.
Wernstrom's rivalry with Farnsworth had softened over the years and they even worked together from time to time.
== Family ==
* [[Mom]], wife / ex-wife
* [[Walt]] and [[Larry]], possibly sons
== Dr. Wernstrom's Creations ==
== Dr. Wernstrom's Creations ==

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Secondary character
Dr. Ogden Wernstrom
Dr. Wernstrom with his killbot.
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"A Big Piece of Garbage" (1ACV08)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Dr. Ogden Wernstrom is Professor Farnsworth's nemesis and formerly one of his best students at Mars University slightly over 100 years ago. After one fateful pop quiz which Farnsworth graded an A-minus on account of Wernstrom's sloppy handwriting, Wernstrom swore that he would get his revenge even if it took a hundred years. He briefly succeeded in this at the Academy of Inventors annual symposioum in 3000 when he won the Academy Prize and got to grade Farnsworth's contribution, the Smell-O-Scope concept, an A-minus-minus. However, the Academy Prize was taken away from him again after the events concerning a giant ball of garbage headed straight for New New York and his revenge was thus foiled, yet he swore he would get Farnsworth for this even if it took another hundred years.

Dr. Wernstrom is a member of the University Council of Mars University. Among other things, he is manufacturing and constructing Killbots, which brings him into competition with Professor Farnsworth once again: They got into a fist fight at the "Roboticon 3003" over it. He briefly worked for Earth's government during the global warming crisis of 3003 and attempted to kill all robots on Earth with a great electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Their rivalry appears to have softened over the years, and have even managed to collaborate with one another every once in a while, though they do periodically bicker every now and then. Wernstrom also appears to respect some of Farnsworth's decisions if he himself believes them to be right as well.


Dr Wernstrom was an old enemy of Professor Farnsworth and was determined to get back at him for something as trivial as getting an A minus in an exam. His obsession with avenging himself on Farnsworth caused him to promise that he'd get back at him even if it took a hundred years. Approximately a hundred years later, he made the promise a second time, despite the fact that he most likely wouldn't live to be over two hundred. Wernstrom frequently sneered at Farnsworth whenever the elder scientist made blunders. He was also described as being a jackass, not just to Farnsworth but to pretty much anybody.

Wernstrom was a clever scientist, the equal of Farnsworth. However Wernstrom seemed to be biased against robots, claiming that he had suspected they were responsible for global warming after this was confirmed by Farnsworth.

Wernstrom's rivalry with Farnsworth had softened over the years and they even worked together from time to time.


Dr. Wernstrom's Creations

Additional Info


  • According to the DVD commentaries, Wernstrom was originally intended to be a one-time character, but kept reappearing over the years.
  • Revealed in Bender's Game, he was/is a husband of Mom.
  • He is referred to by Professor Morris Katz as "Professor Ogden Wernstrom".


    Professor Farnsworth: Wernstrom!

    Wernstrom: Au revoir, suckers!

    Wernstrom: It's time you left science to the 120 year olds!

    Wernstrom: You've been played, Farnsworth. Played like an old harpsichord.

    Wernstrom: No-one calls me that! I'm having at you!