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*{{clink|US#069|Don't Go Taking my Heart!}}
*{{clink|US#069|Don't Go Taking my Heart!}}

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The eyePhone main viewscreen.
First appearance"Attack of the Killer App" (6ACV03)

The eyePhone is a new type of mobile phones released by MomCorp and one of the products of Mom Store in 3010. It is called an eyePhone because it is located in the eyes of its users and displays a screen in front of them. The eyePhone has a lot of applications, such as Twit and can even make phone calls. Soon, everyone became addicted to their new eyePhones, and Mom activated a Twit-worm so that she could have between 1 and 2 million zombies buying the machine's "upgraded" version, the eyePhone 2.0.

Additional Info


  • A commercial for the eyePhone is shown in the V-GINY in "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela", the episode before its official introduction.
  • It has a quick appearance in "The Late Philip J. Fry", when the forward time machine travels past the events of "Attack of the Killer App" and one can see the characters using their eyePhones at the conference table.
  • It is based on the iPhone.
  • It costs $500, you have no choice of carrier, the battery can't hold a charge, and the reception isn't very good.
  • There is now an eyePhone 2.0, which is entirely the same as the eyePhone. It was only bought by Bender and Fry's followers on Twitcher.
  • There are several apps for kissing Bender's shiny metal ass, a fact that excited him.