First Planet Express crew

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First Planet Express crew
Planet Express Logo.svg
The logo of Planet Express.
LocationPlanet Express headquarters, Manhattan, New New York, United States of America, Earth, Sol System, Universe Γ
BusinessPackage delivery
LeaderProfessor Farnsworth
First appearance"Möbius Dick" (6ACV15)

The first Planet Express crew was formed by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth in 2961, but tragically disappeared on their very first delivery, as they passed through the legendary Bermuda Tetrahedron.

In 3011, the Professor ordered a memorial statue in their honour, and the then current crew - Fry, Bender and Leela - was set to deliver it to him. As a result, they too passed through the Tetrahedron, and they found out the true cause of the original crew's disappearance - a four-dimensional space whale. After they themselves had been devoured by the whale, the crew discovered that everything devoured by the whale was kept alive in an infinite loop. Leela managed to control the whale, and rescued both the original and the later PE crew back to Earth.

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