Fun on the bun

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This article is about the catchphrase. For the episode, see Fun on a Bun.

"Fun on a bun" is a catchphrase of Bender's. In September 3011, it was deleted from him by Cubert because of being "outdated", but it may have been restored when Bender was put back to factory standards. [6ACV25]

Additional information[edit]


    Bender: It's gonna be fun on the bun! [1ACV03] [TBwaBB]

    Bender: Man, this is fun on a bun. [BBS]

    Bender: It's gonna be fun on a bun, in space. [ItWGY]

    Bender: Sounds like fun on a bun. [6ACV25] (twice)

    Bender: It's tragedy on a bun! [7ACV08]